Help Your Baby by Watching for These Oral Health Concerns

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Unfortunately, there are many oral health concerns your baby could experience and suffer from. This is why our dentist, Dr. Kathryn Lewis, strongly encourages smile care and keeping an eye out for those dangerous dental issues. Those dental issues are:

-Baby bottle tooth decay: This dental problem is very serious because it can cause multiple cavities on multiple teeth. Cavities are not fun! Baby bottle tooth decay oftentimes occurs when the baby’s teeth are exposed to sugar for long periods of time. It’s most often common when the baby is sent to bed with a bottle of milk. Please avoid doing so as much as possible.

-Tooth misalignment: Tooth misalignment isn’t just cosmetic—it can affect the oral health too! This is because it creates hard-to-clean areas in the smile that harbor dangerous substances, like plaque and bacteria. Oral fixation habits, like thumb sucking and binky use, are oftentimes causes of tooth misalignment. It’s best to help your child avoid those habits as much as possible. For tips on how to do so, please ask our dentist.

-Oral injuries: Kids are very active and daring, which means they likely have a lot of accidents. Sometimes those accidents affect the mouth and cause oral injury. If possible, baby-proof the house and eliminate anything they can bump their mouth on.

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