What are dental fillings?

To combat the effects of cavities, Dr. Lewis is happy to offer dental fillings. These fillings are one of the most common restorations we offer—partially because of their versatility. Aside from being useful for repairing cavities, dental fillings can also be used to repair cracks or damage caused by habits like nail biting and teeth grinding. Placing a filling generally requires only one visit to our office, and our team will make certain that your dental experience with us is as comfortable as possible.

What types of fillings are available?

Our dentists are pleased to offer composite fillings, which are also known as white or tooth-colored fillings. Composite dental fillings are made from a material called composite resin. This resin can be matched to the color of your natural teeth for beautifully natural-looking results, and it bonds with the natural tooth structure for a lasting restoration. This type of restoration is also free of mercury, which helps to ensure that you stay in good health. If you have any questions about the benefits of a composite dental filling in Findlay, Ohio, we welcome you to contact us today. At Findlay Dental Group, we are devoted to caring for your smile.