Our dentist, Dr. Lewis, works hard to help you maintain a strong, healthy smile, and we are determined to help you keep that smile for a lifetime. Our entire team at Findlay Dental Group is devoted to caring for your natural teeth, but we realize that at times, tooth extraction may be necessary. You can rest assured that our team will do everything we can to prevent the need for an extraction. Still, we may recommend tooth extraction for any of the following reasons:

  • A tooth has been damaged, decayed, or infected too severely to be restored
  • Your smile is extremely crowded and cannot be corrected with orthodontics alone
  • A tooth is stuck (impacted) in your jawbone and gum tissues

Another reason tooth extraction may be necessary is to prevent the damage that wisdom teeth can cause in your smile. These teeth, also called the third molars, can cause crowding, can lead to the development of tooth decay, and can result in gum disease. There is often not enough room for the wisdom teeth to grow in properly, which leads to these and other oral health complications. To avoid these problems, our dentists may recommend having your wisdom teeth removed.

We have the ability to perform many oral surgeries in our office, including tooth extractions. We also work closely with other dental specialists as needed to ensure you receive the best care possible. To learn more about tooth extraction and oral surgery in Findlay, Ohio, we invite you to contact our office today.