Our patients’ overall health is important to us, and our dentists make certain to consider any pre-existing health conditions before starting dental treatment. If needed, we will work with your primary care physician to ensure your treatment is thorough.

Many diseases, including diabetes and heart disease, are linked to the health of your mouth. Periodontal disease can also eventually affect the body’s ability to fight infections. Similarly, most patients with heart disease have periodontal (gum) disease as well. Diabetes can also lead to a higher likelihood of experiencing burning mouth syndrome and fungal infections. In addition, a condition known as dry mouth—which is caused by an absence of saliva flow—can lead to higher chances of dental decay.

After Dr. Lewis is made aware of potential causes of dental complications, our team will be able to better diagnose and treat any difficulties you may have. Therefore it is very important to us that we maintain a healthy oral environment and work hard to be as informed as possible. Every person’s individual medical history can have an important impact on their dental care. If you have any questions about how our dental care can help patients with preexisting conditions in Findlay, Ohio, we invite you to contact us today. At Findlay Dental Group, we are devoted to protecting your smile and your health.