Oral Health Essentials: Tooth Brushing for Kids

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As with adults, children need to brush their teeth at least twice daily. However, young children cannot brush their own teeth, so a caretaker should do it for them as soon as the first tooth erupts above the gum line. It is essential to always clean and care for your child’s oral health with proper tooth brushing tactics so that their smile can thrive for many years to come.

When storing a child’s toothbrush, make sure it is stored in an aired-out space and not touching any other toothbrush or utensil, as contamination can take place. Frequently, their toothbrush will last 3-4 months before the need to replace it. For additional oral health care needs, be sure to bring your child in for their first examination before they have reached 12 months of age.

The specifics of a toothbrush for your child is essential. Focus on finding a brush that features soft bristles and is large enough to clean all areas of their teeth. When selecting a toothpaste, make sure it is age appropriate and approved by your dentist. For children under 3, use a rice grain sized drop of toothpaste. For children over 3, use a pea-sized dab of toothpaste.

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