Toothpaste Buying Tips

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Not all toothpaste is created equal; in fact, if you use a certain kind of toothpaste over another, you can actually do quite a bit to improve your oral health. The trick is taking the time while shopping to find the type of toothpaste that addresses your specific oral health needs and has a few other features as well.

Let’s look at what our team here at Findlay Dental Group in Findlay, Ohio, recommends you look for in a good toothpaste.

Your oral health needs

Do you have excess plaque buildup? What about gingivitis? Are your teeth not as white as they should be, or do you always need a pick-me-up to help your breath smell great?

If any of those describe you, there’s a toothpaste in existence made specifically to address that issue. From whitening toothpaste to one that helps battle the germs that cause bad breath, you can help address oral health problems with the toothpaste you use. So take those needs into consideration when buying toothpaste.

ADA seal

The American Dental Association (ADA) certifies dental products for consumer use, and when you’re buying toothpaste you should always buy a brand that has their seal of approval. This means the product does what it’s advertised to do and actually benefits your oral health.

Dr. Kathryn Lewis has some advice they can give you on their preferred brand of toothpaste. If you want their opinion, call us today at 419-423-0343.